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Team Manager Duties 

The Team Manager is a very important person on the coaching staff.  Some of the manager duties are carried out in concert with the on-ice coaching staff, but most of them are carried out by the manager alone with occassional assistance from other team parents.  Here is a list of common manager duties.

  • Be present with a complete team binder at all practices & games
  • Support and help the coaching staff
  • Communicate with parents regarding schedule changes, team news etc.
  • Collect Misc. Fees from parents - Coordinate Fundraisers.
  • Away Tournaments
    • Send Application, roster and fees by the deadline
    • Arrange hotels for the team
  • Police locker rooms for screeened adults only and cleanliness.
  • Complete Game Scoresheets Prior to games and collect after games.
  • Coordinate Off-Ice Officials for Home Games and Home Tournaments.
    • Be present for All Home Tournament games in your Division
  • Educate and Enforce USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy
    • Ensure compliance with Parent Education Requirements
  • Enter game results and summary on team website page.
  • Handle non-coaching parent & player issues as needed.
  • Coordinate Team Photos
  • Coordinate Delivery of Booster Items, Game Jerseys and Game Socks
  • End of Season
    • Help Coordinate the Year End Party
    • Help Coordinate Player Awards and Gifts
    • Prepare Team Binder for Archive
    • Return Excess Fees Collected
  • USA Hockey Player awards are requested from the LAHA registrar
    • Scoresheet is required
    • Only one of each award per season per player
      • Hatrick
      • Shutout
      • Playmaker

 Click here to view the extended version with commentary and notes from an excellent team manager.